The Process

An Overview of the Living Our Values Colleague Awards

If you are a colleague or physician from Mercy Health, Mercy Health Physician Partners, or Shared Services, you may nominate anyone who works as a paid colleague of Mercy Health Grand Rapids or Muskegon. They can be a manager, director, vice president or a peer.

Colleagues must have worked for at least 6 months at the organization. To submit your nomination, simply fill out the form electronically.

Award Recipient Benefits

Living Our Values Colleague Awards recipients receive a $250 check and are honored at a reception, their stories and photos are published in the Mercy Health News internal newsletter, and their names and photos are placed on the Living Our Values Wall in the main Hospital.

Quarterly Nomination Guidelines

Nominations are reviewed four time each year, and Living Our Values Colleague Awards are awarded to a maximum of four colleagues each quarter. The deadlines for each quarter are as follows:

  • October 10
  • January 10
  • April 10
  • July 10

If you submit a nomination after each quarter’s deadline, they will not be considered until the next quarter. Nominations not selected in any given quarter will remain active for up to 12 months and will be retained for consideration in future quarters. It is not necessary to re-submit a nomination, unless you would like to update the information on your nomination.

The Selection Process

After each nomination quarter, a panel reviews all of the nominations. This panel represents many disciplines and is composed of Mercy Health colleagues who are clinical, non-clinical, management and non-management.

The panel reads all the nominations, looking for specifics on how the nominees are exceeding and exemplifying our 5 Core Values. A maximum of four recipients can be selected by the panel each quarter.

When a nomination is selected as an award recipient, the person who nominated them, the recipients’s manager and the recipient are all notified. They are all invited to the next Living Our Values Colleague Award Ceremony.

The nominator may be asked to present the recipient’s Living Our Values Colleague award by speaking to an audience about why they nominated them, and share a short example or two of how the recipient has earned this award.